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Radiophone has launched a new website dedicated to offering an ongoing maintenance program for Motorola two-way radio equipment that is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Visit our new website;

Your entire wireless system can be covered by a planned maintenance program. From the simple to the complex, your system can have a plan designed specific to your needs, including:

  • Portable and mobile radios
  • Base stations and repeaters
  • Console systems
  • Cellular or paging infrastructure
  • Broadband networks
  • Mobile or fixed data systems

Having your wireless system on a maintenance program offers excellent benefits to you:

  • Dependable up-time
  • Greater productivity
  • Safer working environment
  • Cost control
  • Longer system life

Maintenance program customers also enjoy:

  • Priority service
  • Discounts on parts and accessories
  • Simple paperwork
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance

Call today for a review of your system needs and a cost analysis on the value of a maintenance program.

Please contact our service department for more informaion and costs.