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Evan at Radiophone goes above and beyond to make sure we get the best advice, equipment, and communication solutions. He helps with every step of the process even before bids are awarded, contracts signed, etc. with equipment demos, conference calls with Motorola engineers, and his time to do site visits and surveys. My experience with the other companies is they will do the designing and installation and let me know when it is done. The completed Radiophone projects are personalized to make sure our needs are met at every step and we are fully in control of decisions affecting the projects. Even more importantly, the timeliness of Radiophone is appreciated. Radiophone has surpassed deadline estimates whereas our experience with other companies was six months past the deadline before they even started on the project.

Theron Becker, Director of EMS Education, Citizens Memorial Hospital

We partnered with Radiophone to migrate to MOSWIN (Missouri StateWide Interoperability Network) to increase interoperability with State & Local public safety agencies. We selected the Motorola APX radio platform for its high standards and easy operability. Radiophone was great to work with for installation and training on using these radios. This upgrade has helped us increase public safety by being able to reach other agencies in our area and work together without constraints. This has significantly improved Officer Safety for our Department. Before switching to more powerful radios and joining MOSWIN our Officers were unable to reach our Dispatch in their time of need. Our Department is grateful for the opportunity to work with Radiophone and becoming interoperable again.

Matt Sanders, Detective, Hollister Police Department

We didn’t have the typical change of vendors when we went to Radiophone. Evan at Radiophone knowing our dire situation got key players involved and working for us while we worked out the contract details. The issue that we had for over three weeks was fixed in a matter of days by his Radiophone team. He helped every step of the way and before I even had the contract signed. I heard from him daily and any updates or issues the Radiophone team happened to run into while fixing our radio net. I can't express how much this company saved our ability to provide reliable power to our members. After the bad experience we had with our previous vendor Radiophone really went above and beyond for us and since then we have never looked back.

Joshua Gregg, Information Technology, Ozark Electric Cooperative

Evan at Radiophone has consistently given us advice on equipment and communication solutions with our mission critical equipment. He has demonstrated on multiple projects, a willingness to understand our needs to better help us with viable solutions for the Center and our public safety partners. Evan makes himself available for any questions we may have and has provided us with timely feedback, even if that means late night email exchanges. I am confident in his ability and with the solutions Radiophone has provided us today and in the future.

Mike Phillips, ENP, Executive Director Barry County 911

The City of Lebanon partnered with Radiophone on multiple projects. First, we needed to migrate from the legacy dispatch system to a sustainable dispatch system. The Zetron MAX design enabled the City to communicate efficiently with our emergency services without disruption enabling timely citizen support. From planning to implementation, we felt as if we had a partner not just a provider of equipment. All support was customized to the needs we expressed and deliverables were met ahead of schedule. Second, we partnered again with Radiophone to implement a voice recording system within our police communications center. The upgrade helped the City of Lebanon retain required recordings outlined by policy. Between the two projects, leadership lauded their expertise and willingness to go above and beyond. The City of Lebanon is grateful to have partnered with Radiophone and continue to rely upon their level of expertise.

Jarrad S. IT Manager, City of Lebanon

We partnered with Radiophone back in 2013 to enhance our communications abilities within the workplace here at Hickory Hills Country Club. I have been very impressed with not only the devices, but the customer service we have received from Evan. I can call on him at any time and get a problem solved within minutes. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would want to deal with when it comes to our devices and I’m thrilled we made the change!

Hickory Hills Country Club

Radiophone has been a communication partner with us for years. Evan has provided quality equipment along with sound advice and technical support. Evan and Radiophone have always been professional and courteous in the product recommendations and ideas to better our communication systems.

Fire Chief Keith Wolven, Southern Stone Fire Department

For several years we looked at improving our student safety by updating communications. Almost three years ago we had a committee presentation by the guys from RadioPhone to help teach us what we did not know about radio communications and technology advances. At the time we were very interested in their product but we did not have the funding available to make a purchase. Finally this school year we determined we were ready. We advertised an RFP, went through the scoring process and RadioPhone was awarded our business because of their quality products and quality pricing. Once we had their products installed on our buses and in our schools we were excited because they functioned "as advertised" and they are easy to use.

Kerry Sachetta, EdD Assistant Superintendent for Operations Joplin Schools